Opera Mini stands Twinpine out in Africa's Advertising space

Thomas Mbalu, Regional Manager, East Africa, Twinpine Network, at the #KuunganaKE event in Nairobi
During the #KuunganaKE hosted by Twinpine Network in Nairobi, where its reps showcased their products, it was highlighted to delegates how mobile applications like Opera Mini assist Twinpine to stand out in Africa.

Eniola Moronfolu, Product Manager, Twinpine, said that the firm's ad solutions have been well received in Africa. She stated that they have innovated around their technology that allow the firm reach mobile users on platforms that cannot support other ad networks technology in the region, with an example being Opera Mini browser.
“An example of a platform we can reach that most ad networks cannot reach is Opera mini, and more than 70 per cent of Africans use Opera mini,” said Moronfolu.
She added that Twinpine, through its innovative advertising formats, enhances experiences for mobile users, gives brands prime positioning and publishers more revenue, further nothing that the Twinpine self-serve platform on which its advertising campaigns run is fast, efficient and intelligent.
Thomas Mbalu, East Africa Regional Manager, Twinpine, who gave a presentation on the event’s theme ‘Discovering the Mobile Web in Africa’, analysed the impact of the mobile web in the region stating that mobile is central to the everyday life of Africans.
According to him, mobile is so prevalent in the lifestyle of Africans that it is the first thing they check when they wake up: “70 per cent of Smartphone owners do not go an hour without checking their phones, and 64% check their phones in bed.”
“As more and more Kenyans and Africans grow online mainly through their mobile phones, advertisers and brand owners have got to fish only where the fishes are,” stated Mbalu.
Africa has a population of a billion people with close to 70 per cent of them being below 25 years. The continent also has an impressive 67.3 per cent mobile penetration and handsets getting cheaper which has led to over 700 milion people having active mobile subscriptions.
The session emphasized that the future of Africa is Mobile, and that future is now, thereby portraying Twinpine as an enabler for mobile experiences.