Twinpine Case Study: Close-Up Cupid Campaign

Still in the business of doing interesting and fun things for interesting brands! The Close-up Cupid campaign was all about connecting people in different parts of Nigeria together. The Twinpine solutions was simple: Connect SMS and Mobile Web to create a wholesome and seamless experience.

Campaign Name: Close-up Cupid Campaign

Campaign objective:
Ahead of Valentine’s day, Close-up launched an SMS based game for users to engage and check their compatibility with other users

Twinpine Solution:
Developed banner ads and launched a click-to-text campaign. Users simply need to click on the banner ad which then triggers the Sms application with a pre-loaded text and destination short code.

Campaign Result:
Over 1000 users participated within the first few days
Average CTR of the campaign was  1.21%

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