Nigerian Internet Space

Twinpine mobile advertising, together with the Terragon group  is currently carrying out a research that will shed more light on the digital space in Nigeria. The study will cover internet usage, Social media use, internet shopping and mobile money.

This project aims to explicate all obvious and less obvious information of the digital panorama of Nigeria. It will specifically:
•Educate marketing and advertising businesses and professionals
•Empower the digital ecosystem with data on the industry
•Provide adequate basis for decision making with the digital space

Overall, this study will answer the following questions:
1.Who is using the internet?
2.What are they using it for?
3.How long are they on it?
4.To what degree are internet users using social media for Personal interest versus business
5.Are internet users receptive to e-commerce services?
6.What factors are likely to drive mobile payment usage

The study employs the use of primary data. Click HERE to complete the questionnaire.