Welcome to Twinpine!

Twinpine is a mobile advertising network that helps brands reach millions of African consumers on mobile phones and devices. 

The idea to launch Twinpine came out of the need to expose local advertisers to the vast opportunities that mobile provides, help local publishers monetize their mobile properties and to help grow the Africa mobile ecosystem as a whole. It is said in many quarters that mobile is the future but it is very clear that mobile is the present. Africa has witnesed an unprecedented growth in mobile due to several factors seeing it lead the spread and reach of the internet ahead of PCs.  

Nigeria essentially is a very interesting market. Its mobile users dominate African traffic seen by mobile content providers across the globe in categories ranging from news, sports,  games and applications, music and entertainment and social networking.
The numbers couldnt be more convincing with mobile making up 25% of web usage in Nigeria compared with the world average of 3.81%  (Source:  StatCounter, Oct  2010) and 60% of searches on Google in Nigeria from Mobile (Source: GNigeria 2011).

Moving forward, our mission is clear: To consistently create unrivaled value for brands and businesses through mobile advertising and in the months ahead, we will be working with developers, publishers and advertisers to create this value across Africa. 

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